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Cornerstone Community Alliance

The Cornerstone Community Alliance (CCA) are an alliance of family rights campaigners, support groups and charities all working together to achieve reform in family law legislation and practice. The CCA was founded to enable greater collaboration and work towards common goals.


CCA Support – we know how hard things can get and we offer support for people going through Parental Alienation, mums, dads, LGBT community and grandparents. We do not discriminate and neither do these Total Reform services! https://t.co/dL0O3iMPPx #TotalReform

CCA are leading the way for reform here in the UK and have recently branched out in Canada supporting Bill C-78 and are proud to be supporting it. We believe in equality for all worldwide and Total Reform will be doing just that! #TotalReform #timeforchange #billc78 #canada

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What people say

Albert Glover
I found the support from CCA Support invaluable. Knowing I am not alone in feeling this way helped me to cope.
Being put in touch with others who are also going through the same was a lifeline for me. Thank you CCA Support
The support I have received, whether over the phone or an email, makes such a positive difference. No one should have to go through this alone.
The support group for me is a massive help. Being able to communicate with others in the same boat as you helps so much, thank you.