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#TotalReform Campaign Now International

As The Cornerstone Community Alliance, we are proud of the progress we have made in the short amount of time that we have been formed. However let us make this clear from the outset. The following paragraphs are not a self indulgent reflection of how much good work we have done so far as an organisation. We prefer to see it a presentation of how we have thought differently in approaching such an all-encompassing social issue.

Some pertinent points first

Social change will always come from a grass roots level.

Social change is always a contentious issue.

Social change is historically and successfully fought for by an immorally marginalised or ostracised section of society that is lacking justice.

Our campaign for #TotalReform

We are are only campaigning for justice.

We are only asking for the best outcomes for children and parents that are dragged unwillingly through the Family Court arena.

As naive as it may seem, we are only asking for what is fair; maximised time for a child to spend with each parent post separation. Call it whatever you want; shared-parenting; co-parenting; 50/50 parenting. However lets not not over-focus on what we label it as. Why can we not just focus on the best outcomes for the children that find themselves being dragged through the Family Justice Systems?

And these are the very Family Justice Systems that claim to be governed by so-called first called countries! However such countries are continuing to fail to provide our children with the best outcomes.

As The Cornerstone Community Alliance we find this unacceptable. This is why we will endeavour to work as hard as we possibly can as a movement to create a better outcome for our children.

International Expansion

We have numerous ideas in the pipeline. However one of these ideas has very recently become a reality. We are proud to announce that we are expanding on an international level and are in the process of opening a branch of CCA in Canada. Krisann McDonnell and her husband Mike Glover have very kindly agreed to spearhead the establishment and managing of our Canadian branch.

This is still early days for us as an organisation. However for us to have this opportunity at such an early stage is as much a credit to our community as it is to the need for #TotalReform of the Family Justice System.

Where will this branching out into another country take us? Progress towards total reform, simple as that.

All we ask is that you, as readers, followers of our progress, support our progress and most of all be a part of it, as much as you can be.

If it was not for you, the followers and supporters of our cause for #TotalReform our fight for change would be that much more difficult.

With this in mind please be aware that you can follow us in the following ways:


Read our manifesto. Even better, get involved; join us; be part of a much needed international social change. Visit our volunteer page.

Thank you.

Think differently, join us for #TotalReform

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