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Professionals in Family Law wanted…

As Cornerstone Community Alliance (CCA) we have only just launched our main website.

We have only just rolled out our free telephone support service.

We haven’t even launched our radio station.

We haven’t even released our manifesto for total reform.

We haven’t even released our official evidence based proposal that goes into much more detail regarding our argument for total reform.

We haven’t even released our upcoming documentary.

All of these uncompleted projects continue to be worked on behind the scenes by the CCA Team.

In essence we are yet to fully launch our campaign for total reform. However we are already being approached by legal experts, the media, and inundated with offers of help from many alienated parents and grandparents that want to contribute in some way. The offers of help are much appreciated and heartwarming.

One of our other projects currently being worked on is the compiling of a list of reputable professionals that deliver results and operate in line with our core principles.

When we are approached by parents struggling through the flawed family justice system we can offer them support and advice, all free of charge. However with a database of professionals our aim is to endorse, recommend and signpost parents to reputable professionals that can support, advise, guide them through the family court.

The individuals that reach out and ask us for help, support and advice are parents, that are victims of a family law system that does not serve the best interests of their children post-separation. Many of these parents are being denied contact with their children. An incalculable number of them are also victims of false allegations and parental alienation. Ultimately these parents are being denied the right to have a relationship with their children.

We are looking for professionals such as Family Law experts, Independent Social Workers and/or Reconciliation Specialists.

So if you are a professional or company that works within the family court system and has experience and can evidence success of working with high conflict separations, parental alienation, false allegations etc., we want to hear from you.

We will not request a finders fee for referring potential clients your way. All we are trying to do is provide those that are adversely affected by the above difficulties to have access to reputable professionals, that will deliver results and work in line with our core principles.

If you are interested and/or would like to inquire further please email us at [email protected]

Thank you

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