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Launch of Free CCA Support Line

As The Cornerstone Community Alliance we are incredibly proud to announce the launch of our CCA Support Line, which will provided by our CCA Support Team.
This is a free, by appointment only support line. The support line is for those that are struggling with their well-being, mental health etc., regarding

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Family Court; A law Unto Itself!

Arguably the above is quite a bold opening statement to make regarding the Family Court. However those unfortunate souls that have been dragged through the Family Court will understand that such people lose so much due to the Family Court literally being a law unto itself.
Allow me to explain

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#TotalReform Campaign Now International

As The Cornerstone Community Alliance, we are proud of the progress we have made in the short amount of time that we have been formed. However let us make this clear from the outset. The following paragraphs are not a self indulgent reflection of how much good work we have done

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I am Edward Charles

I am Edward Charles, The Cornerstone Community Alliance (CCA) asked if I would be interested in submitting a life story for their website. As I believe in the cause of CCA I thought why not?
First off I have never submitted my views for anything like this before. I have

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Professionals in Family Law wanted…

As Cornerstone Community Alliance (CCA) we have only just launched our main website.
We have only just rolled out our free telephone support service.
We haven’t even launched our radio station.
We haven’t even released our manifesto for total reform.
We haven’t even released our official evidence based proposal that

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Fitting the Pieces Together of Total Reform

As the Cornerstone Community Alliance, we do not claim to be experts. But as a collective of individuals we have an incredibly broad scope of knowledge and experience across numerous fields of expertise that the Family Justice System covers.
And as such we know that lobbying for reform for just

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