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Who we are

Cornerstone Community Alliance(CCA) was formed by a group of parents, grandparents and family rights organisations campaigning for the “best outcomes for our own children, your children and grandchildren”.

We believe shared care of children upon parental separation provides them with the best outcomes, and that it should always be the intention when there are no safeguarding or other mitigating circumstances.

Our Total Reform campaign focuses on updating a system that continues to fail our children within Family Courts, CAFCASS, Child Maintenance Services, and Social Services.

These government funded agencies are not working in the best interest of children and parents,

ignoring Parental Alienation and false allegations for too long.  We are campaigning to end this blight on our society.

We campaign for family, friends and other acquaintances to stand up and prevent this from happening to children. Do not be complicit in family breakdown when this happens.

The long-term effects these agencies have on families: impacts mental health; disrupting education or employment; and damaging finances often to devastating degrees. Many families are forced into poverty, homelessness as a result of bankruptcy. Cases of wrongful imprisonment, and even suicide are recorded in too many cases.

Together, we can help put a stop to this.

All children will grow up in a world where parenting is shared equally between both parents. In addition, children should have a fulfilling, positive, and equal relationship with both sides of their extended family, including blended families*.
To lobby for reform, raise awareness, and provide support for all families that are affected by the current justice system following separation.